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The perfect Cable Protection System every time you use heat shrink tubing from HellermannTyton
Heat shrink tubing HA47 Tredux application below ground

You are looking for the heat shrink tubing meeting your application requirements best?

Areas where heat shrink tubing is used vary greatly. This is why HellermannTyton focuses on matching all of its heat shrink tubing optimally in the jobs for which it will be used in developing, manufacturing and distributing its heat shrink tubing and heat shrink moulded shapes.

This means HellermannTyton sets the pace with each new piece of heat shrink tubing when it comes to providing protection against mechanical, environmental, chemical or electrical effects.

The key factors to which we owe our success are the unique and quite specific properties of our heat shrink tubing. Starting with the choice of material, for example, the different requirement demands raised by being used in the sensitive aerospace industry or rail transportation sector are focused on the self-extinguishing fire protection properties of heat shrink tubing.

According to the requirements set, the shrink ratio, that is to say the precise size to which heat shrink tubing is capable of shrinking, can be just as important in this process as dispensing with halogeneous materials in the manufacturing of heat shrink tubing.

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Every single piece of heat shrink tubing has to match its specific area of work to the highest degree of accuracy – from batch production, for example as the insulating handles of tools, to heat shrink tubing sleeves for maintaining underground cables which have already been laid and which would be extremely expensive to repair in terms of resources and costs without using corresponding specialised heat shrink tubing (heat shrink cable repair sleeves).

From adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to transparent heat shrink tubing which allows the identifying elements to remain visible on cables to be insulated, HellermannTyton offers a comprehensive range of heat shrink tubing products that meets the highest international standards. provides workers and decision-makers involved in manufacturing with a solution fit to their specific needs, which is tailor-made for their specialist area or, to put it another way, every piece of HellermannTyton heat shrink tubing makes problems shrink, even before they arise.


 Heat shrink tubing fitting your requirement best!
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Heat shrink tubing is extruded plastic tube that is expanded and will shrink back to its extruded size when heated.
Heat shrink is used to electrically insulate cables and wires offering also mechanical and chemical protection.

is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets.

For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet industry needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry:

Diretrizes para uso

Wall thickness of heat shrink tubing:
The material thickness will be indicated in mm after complete shrinkage. “Nominal” defines dimensions without any tolerances.
Generally you can distinghuish between thin wall, medium wall and thick wall heat shrink tubing.
Heat shrink tubings are also available with adhesive liner. They are also called dual tubing.

Diameter of heat shrink tubing:
For thin wall tubing with a shrink ratio of 2:1 (standard tubing) the diameter is usually in inch sizes 25.4 mm equals 1 inch.

Shrink ratio:
Depending on the used compound material and wall thickness heat shrink tubing can be extruded to a different degree.
The shrink ratio indicates the rate, the product shrinks (supplied diameter in relation to recovered diameter). The shrink ratio varies from 2:1 to 6:1. The higher the shrink ratio, the more varying diameters of the object can be covered. Thus, fewer sizes of heat shrink tubings are needed.
This helps to reduce stock and so requires less space.

Produto selecionado

Find the right heat shrink tubing even quicker: The practical heat shrink tubing selection guide.
Order the Heat shrink Tubing Selection Guide

With the comprehensive range of heat shrink products it can sometimes be difficult to choose the product that best fits your needs.

has designed a very practical selection disc for our heat shrink tubing which takes you straight to the product you are looking for. Order your heat shrink tubing selection guide today and convince yourself!

The selection disc shows the important properties of our tubing at a glance and quickly finds the right solution for your specific requirements.

The heat shrink tubing selection disc gives you the overview you need and helps you navigate through our wide variety of products.
The symbols indicate which heat shrink tubing has the properties you are seeking.

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